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transfer from lesvos airport to hotel or transfer from lesvos airport to Molyvos or anywhere you wish on the island of Lesvos ( Mytilene )

Welcome to Lesvos

Welcome to Lesvos! You have finally arrived on our beautiful island to start your vacation, so you shouldn’t have to waste your time waiting on Lesvos airport, or on the port, or anywhere else for that matter! Our Lesvos transfer service is simply the easiest and most reliable choice when it comes to visitor transfer from Lesvos airport to hotel, transfer from Mytilene to Molyvos, transfer from Lesvos airport to Molyvos or any other combination of traveling routes and destinations you wish to make. We are here for you in order to make your journey a safe and pleasant experience.

Information about our “Rent A Car” Company

The company’s goal is to provide service and coverage of any type of transportation need – trips, transportation and transition from and to the airport, port, hospital, marketplace, shopping, archaeological sites, beaches, night escapades etc. – of the local inhabitants of Lesvos, as well as the visitors’ and tourists’ of the areas.

transfer service to lesvos city castle

More specifically our company is stationed in Northern Lesvos, situated in the village of Petra, the most visitor oriented part of Lesvos. As a result we provide accessible and fast transfer service  all around Lesvos. Our program includes transfer from lesvos airport and port, and to the villages of Petra, Molyvos, Anaxos, Eftalou, Skoutaros, Kalloni and Skala Kalloni just to name a few.


Our company provides car rental services ( Lesvos Airport Transfer Service, transfer from lesvos airport to hotel, transfer from lesvos airport to Molyvos) with or without a driver (private transfer) at the utmost preferential and competitive prices in the market. Specifically, the client is given the opportunity of free delivery and receipt of the vehicle, from any location they wish i.e. the airport, the port, the Cavo Christo hotel or any other accommodation. We provide transportation, stand-by and return services at staying locations for trips and excursions, visits at archaeological sites and museums, beaches, doctor appointments, shopping outings, night escapades and anything else that covers the needs of each client.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are experienced professionals, and are willing to cover the needs of our clients in the best way possible. Very alert and cautious in their work, they meet all the required legal standards for practicing this profession, driver’s license and medical certification of fitness. Their main concern is to ensure the safety of each transportation and to highlight and present the hospitality of our country and our people.

Our Vehicles

We are now in possession of twelve (12) new passenger cars for renting, with carrying capacity of one (1) to eight (8) passengers. Additionally, there can be arranged provisions for people with disabilities and mobility difficulties. All the vehicles have certification of pollutant emissions Euro 6 – 2. The client can rent any car they find to their liking and either drive it themselves or rent it with the services of a driver (private transfer). Read more here about our vehicles.

Our Prices

Our transfer service price list for the island of Lesvos is listed bellow:

  • Lesvos Airport to Molyvos: 55 euros
  • Lesvos Airport to Petra: 55 euros
  • Lesvos Airport to Araxos: 55 euros
  • Lesvos Airport to Eresos: 79 euros
  • Lesvos Airport to Kaloni: 50 euros
  • Port to Molyvos: 55 euros
  • Port to Petra: 55 euros
  • Port to Araxos: 55 euros
  • Port to Eresos: 79 euros
  • Port to Kaloni: 50 euros

Read here more about our transfer price list and the available payment methods

How to make a booking

No prepayment is required.  Just get in contact with us and let us know about your booking details, e.g. your name, the date and time of your arrival and the place where you want us to transfer you to.

We will also need a telephone number – in order to be able to contact you – plus your passport number and a ticket proof (usually your airport ticket booking, just to make sure that you are a legitimate customer).

How you can reach us

You can contact us by phone (+30 6948468024), email, viper and WhatsApp.

A Description of Lesvos

As many who have visited the island have said, Lesvos has been blessed with nature’s gifts and that paradise itself has given it’s touch to the island. Here you can find unspoiled, crystal clear beach waters, beautiful landscapes, unique rock formations, liberating and colorful greenery and breathtaking forests, picturesque villages and towns, castles and important ancient Greek archeological sites and museums. Lesvos is an island of relaxation, a place to rejoice and be happy, as it provides a much needed escapade from the bustling city life, while not lacking in night life – and all of that while providing a safe environment for children of all ages, as much as it does for adults, to play, explore and most importantly have fun!

Road Trips

The company provides it’s clients with the opportunity of car rentals with or without a driver for their coverage of transportation needs of any nature, such as road trips at traditional settlements of the Attica and Lesvos prefectures, visits at archeological sites and museums, thermal springs, access to cosmopolitan beaches or even the most remote areas, where there is no possibility of approach by larger type transportation vehicles (such as busses).

The client can choose the areas, the places and the spots they wish to visit themselves or choose one of our indicatively recommended organized trips. This fact provides complete flexibility to each travel program, which is adjusted eclusively to the needs of the client.

transfer from lesvos airport to Molyvos

Proposed Trips

West Lesvos

The client is provided with the chance to experience the unique shifting of the natural landscape of the beautiful Lesvos and discover the results of the forces of nature that molded the places and the people of the island. Along the way one finds the villages of Petra, Skoutaros, Skalohori, Antissa, Vatousa, Sigri (with a recommended visit to the Museum of Natural History) and Skala Eressou, with its unique sandy beach, the birthplace of the famous lyrical poet of ancient Greece, Sappho.

rent a car to vist Limonos monastery in lesvos


Use this link to see more pictures of the beautiful island of lesvos


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